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Caribbean Lobster – Grand Cayman

3 July 2017

The Cayman Islands have a lobster season, December 1 to February 28.  Now, I’m a devout eater of meat, but I also love wildlife.  It’s not really an impossible dichotomy, meat is tasty, but I will only eat something that is sustainable.  For me, that means farmed (although dislike mistreatment in the farming process) or culled for environmental reasons (see The Lionfish Menace).  I tried eating fish more for my health, but I have heard that farmed fish have less health benefits and dislike the unsustainable plunder of fish that are better enjoyed as a natural spectacle.

The limit for lobster in Cayman is set as a “sustainable” one, two per person or six per boat (each per day), it is not caught commercially, although lots of restaurants seem to offer fresh local lobster in season.  I have tried the lobster on a friend’s barbecue, tastier and less fishy than European lobster, but I much prefer leaving these in the water to enjoy when snorkelling or diving and then having a burger of farmed beef or pork ribs on return to shore.  I know that farming practices need improvement, and in developed countries regulations protect the animals that are bred for the purpose of slaughter, but even “developed nations” plunder the oceans unsustainably.

The Cayman Islands were initially called Las Tortugas because of the number of turtles in the water.  Turtles are just amazing to see in the water, imagine how awesome diving in Cayman would be if numerous sailing crews had not plundered the waters without limit.

At least in those days, they thought God had placed things on the planet as a food source, and would always provide for mankind (in the face of evidence to the contrary), we should be better informed these days.

Similar with lobsters, sustainability does have a limit, but I would rather this was met naturally so we could see more of these creatures in their natural habitat.  The below lobster was taken snorkelling in the Grand Cayman Marine park, using the Olympus Tough, a very impressive camera, but could easily wander into an area where he could become a quick and easy meal…


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