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Another diving article

I mentioned before that I am always keen to encourage people get into diving and excited about the diving here in the Cayman Islands.  In my first blog article for Scuba Diver Life, I wrote about one of my favourite dive sites (and curry houses) in Grand Cayman (my post on Scuba Diver Life about Sunset House).

My second article has just been published, about one of my favourite night dives in Cayman, check it out here.

I have several other pieces for them underway, and I’ve never had an editor looking through my work before so it’s an interesting experience (perhaps a little frustrating for her given a confusion in my most recent article between Sunset Divers and Sun Divers…), but I’m hoping it improves my general writing.

Hope you enjoy the read, enjoyed 2016 (despite the various lows) and enjoy a great start to 2017!





Polar Bears – Barter Island


This polar bear and its cub were having a little frolic in Barter Island, waiting for the annual Whale bones to be piled up.


Barter Island, Kaktovik, is located in the far North of Alaska, a small island about four by two miles in the Arctic Circle off the Arctic coast of Alaska.  It is home to descendants of the Inupiat Inuit tribe and became a significant trading post (hence the name).  The Inupiat are still allowed to engage in whaling activities, to respect their heritage, although their catch is limited.  I find it hard to stomach whenever anyone engages in such a barbaric and unnecessary practice in this day and age, but they’re allowed to go out an hunt several whales each year, to feed themselves in their traditional way.  It’s strange, but their desire for tradition ends with the method for hunting, using explosive tipped harpoons instead of battling with traditional spears. Read more…

Cayman Islands Triathlon


As I mentioned, (see Olympic distance Triathlon), I was a little nervous about the Cayman Islands triathlon this Sunday, a 1.5km swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run, starting at Public Beach, West Bay, in the shadow of the new Kimpton Seafire Hotel. Read more…

Olympic distance Triathlon

So, in around 5 hours I shall get up to do my first Olympic Triathlon in 3 years. 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run. I’m woefully underprepared because life took a turn for the busy (for the best of reasons) requiring me to be abroad for five of the last ten weekends. Aspects of my training have been non-existent and I am still carrying plenty of weight that I had hoped would shift through intensive training. The only reason I haven’t dropped down to the sprint distance is stubbornness and because I have a friend I am “competing” with… Hopefully I won’t be dead last, maybe just second from last…

The Cayman Islands is an amazing place to do triathlon, running across the sand into sea that you would otherwise be snorkeling in, but by 9am (when the slower participants like me start the run) it’s pretty hot conditions for a 10k run.

18 holes of golf, a game of tennis and a barbecue with the Aussie boys tonight, may not have been the best preparation.

Any words or wishes of encouragement appreciated…

Link to the Cayman Triathlon Association website.

Want to know how I got on…? See Cayman Islands Triathlon.

Arrow Crab – Cayman Islands

IMG_1116 - edited

The Arrow Crab, Stenorhynchus seticornis, always fascinates me when I see them on a dive.  Hiding in crevices, they are occasionally seen battling, with long spindly legs and two bright blue claws that almost seem fluorescent at night.

Turtle – North Wall (Grand Cayman)


Came across this Hawksbill turtle while culling on Sunday, he was relaxing while a friend took a Lionfish nearby, and then decided to move on when I showed some interest in filming him. Read more…

95 Lionfish culled


Divetech in Cayman have started doing a monthly two tank Lionfish cull.  They are based at Lighthouse point, a great dive site with a mini-wall and a deep-wall but the Lionfish culls normally go North.  Unlike the other dive companies, they offer a Sunday afternoon dive, which is nice because you get a lie in.  See my post The Lionfish Menace to see why we cull the Lionfish. Read more…