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A short break

1 March 2017

I’ve not been having much time to write in the last couple of months, we’ve been moving house and preparing for the arrival of a little baby come Easter weekend, but that has Scuba Diver Life have been catching up on some of the articles that I drafted for them, catch my piece on the wreck of the Tibbetts, an awesome Cayman dive site, here….

It’s still not quite sunk in that we will become a family of three, but it’s an exciting time preparing for everything to come! There’s not been time for diving or much other than preparation and moving, and I don’t feel experienced enough to write about either of those!

Still, the diving continues around us, Lionfish culling, and I will get back soon, with someone new to share the joy with in the long term!

We did have an interesting experience, having to move our boat from a dock space to what turned out to be an unmarked canal, tentatively feeling our way through less than two feet of water, feeling like an explorer of old. Maybe I’ll tell that story soon…

  1. Mike Fritz permalink

    Good to have you back!

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