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Another diving article

30 December 2016

I mentioned before that I am always keen to encourage people get into diving and excited about the diving here in the Cayman Islands.  In my first blog article for Scuba Diver Life, I wrote about one of my favourite dive sites (and curry houses) in Grand Cayman (my post on Scuba Diver Life about Sunset House).

My second article has just been published, about one of my favourite night dives in Cayman, check it out here.

I have several other pieces for them underway, and I’ve never had an editor looking through my work before so it’s an interesting experience (perhaps a little frustrating for her given a confusion in my most recent article between Sunset Divers and Sun Divers…), but I’m hoping it improves my general writing.

Hope you enjoy the read, enjoyed 2016 (despite the various lows) and enjoy a great start to 2017!





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