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Travelling tips – Waterproof daysack

18 April 2012

On my travels I have constantly been complimented (by guys) on my daysack.  In London, this normally only happens to Anna, being complimented by other girls on her handbag or commenting on theirs.  However, I have a waterproof daysack/rucksack which always seems to garner more praise from guys, who appreciate its practicality, than girls.

I originally got this for cycling to work as I had been drenched a few times and arrived with damp shirts.  I was also lugging my laptop to Anna’s and so went in search of a waterproof rucksack.  The one I eventually bought was by Overboard and included an internal laptop pouch (seems to no longer be available but this one is similar). 

It is a sturdy rucksack, fully waterproof, with a roll-top that you clip together after squeezing out the air and rolling a number of times and does form a waterproof seal.  I was initially annoyed that the “laptop pouch” would not fit anything but the smallest of notebooks but it does serve as a handy compartment for separate items that need to be kept in easy reach (phone, mp3 player, wallet etc) and the rest of the bag, being open rather than compartmentalised like most daybags, provides a surprisingly large space for my DSLR, notebook, Kindle, spare jumper, gloves and other things that I can’t seem to think of even a day of travelling without, whilst I always have the peace of mind that these items are not going to be ruined by a sudden rainstorm, capsizing canoe, careless DiveMaster or forgetful owner.

Although it has been punctured several times by some of the sharper items I have carelessly carried around, I also carry a roll of tent repair tape that provides a waterproof seal and keeps it going.  Although this bag may have to retire after this trip, I shall certainly look for another and would not travel again without one.


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  1. Wow, looks like a winner! This bag has swag all over. But I think it will cost me a lot too…

    • It’s not that much more than a decent rucksack, and can save a lot more in the long run! Cheers, Jeremy.

  2. I usually go for a regular pack, but have everything in dry bags inside.

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