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Diving Cayman Brac

26 January 2016

Although diving in Grand Cayman is stunning (see some details here), the sister islands of Little Cayman (which makes Grand Cayman seem like a buzzing metropolis) and Cayman Brac (known as the hilly one – brac being gaelic for a bluff) also offer some great diving.

Unfortunately the weather while we were in Cayman Brac wasn’t the best but we still managed to get out for a dive on the MV Capt. Keith Tibbetts (not the original name, the original designation of 356 not mirroring the name of a local politician), a Russian Koni II class frigate built in the Soviet Union in 1984 for the Cuban Navy, purchased by the Cayman Islands government for tourism, rather than defence.

Sunk in 1996, sitting with its bow in 85 feet of water and stern in 60 feet, the frigate is 330 long, broken in half it is less sterile than the USS Kittiwake on Grand Cayman, partly because the life that has had time to move in, and partly because the Russians were not quite so worried about removing any trace of hardware.







  1. Alpha Juliet permalink

    Hi, great post! I’m a new dive blogger. Any tips? Cheers

    • I don’t really post consistently or well enough to give any tips but I would say, enjoy your diving, take whatever opportunities you can and share the good and bad experiences to help people learn! Good luck

  2. Great post and a great looking dive site. It reminds me of the Thistlegorm in the Red Sea. I am adding this dive to my “to do” right now.

    • Great, glad you liked it. A stay in Little Cayman is also worthwhile as it is more beautiful, and you can sometimes get a dive boat between the two islands. I really enjoyed your post on the Mexican sculptures, would love to dive there!

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