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Cayman Restaurants – Casa 43

16 February 2016

I’m not really a fussy fine dining kind of guy.  Although my friends and wife will say that I am a rather fussy eater kind of guy, I like what I like!  For me, that’s good, tasty food that gets you full and keeps you coming back for more (after a suitable few weeks of digestion).  A clue may be in “Tubbyman Tales”.

Grand Cayman is actually very well served with decent restaurants such that you won’t get stuck for choice.  Recently, a second Mexican Restaurant has opened, which is now one of my go to choices for a good night out – Casa 43.

I have to declare a slightly vested interest in this blog post – the owner of Casa 43 recently gave me some gift vouchers for a charity golf tournament that I was organising in aid of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and I promised that I would give a bit of publicity.  I duly posted a thank you on LinkedIn, Facebook, the RISA website and included reference in various literature so I don’t think that the two to four people who eventually read this blog entry will really change the return.

However, there was nothing really substantive in that advertising and I do genuinely recommend this restaurant and take most of our visitors there.

It’s a charming little restaurant on the interior, but externally it’s not in a wonderful location, behind one of my other favourites, Copper Falls (steak and a cocktail, you may see a theme shortly) and opposite a super market.  It therefore lacks the views of some of the coastal restaurants but you can’t really see the Sea in the dark anyway.

Once inside you are greeted with a cheerful Mexican Bar and cosy tables. It’s quite a small restaurant so you get attentive service. They also don’t take bookings, so you often get to enjoy a few cocktails beforehand, either at the bar or a little relaxing area outside.  Casa 43 does the best Mojito I have ever tasted, and I’ve tried them in a few places!  It’s often a struggle to stop at one, but why not relax, enjoy the night and get a taxi home.

Once you get to your table, the waiting staff are always very cheerful and friendly.  The menu is focused on fresh ingredients and flavour.  The starters are awesome, they do a range of Guacamole dips (best to go for the tasting trio) with house made tortilla chips but I can never resist the Chicharrón Chips (crispy fried pork rind) served with a delicious cilantro and chili vinaigrette.  I can’t resist the Baby Back Ribs if I can convince someone to share (and I don’t normally share food!).  Basically I can get pretty full on the Baby Back Ribs and be a couple of Mojitos down before the main course.

For the main course, they do a selection of Signature Tacos, including for those that like fish Pescado or Fried Rock Shrimp.  The Beef Barbacoa is tender smoked beef brisket, and Chicharrón and Carne Asada are great too.  For those who want to be a little adventures there is the Barbacoa de Chivo – slow braised local goat (I haven’t seen many goats here I have to admit…).

Personally, although the Tacos are great and give a nice variety, I can never resist the Fajitas – a sizzling plate of grilled chicken (or steak if you prefer, but I’m a chicken fajita man) served with a range of condiments that will fill your tortilla.  It’s a big portion and can be shared between two if you’ve indulged on the starters.  There is also a range of other items on the menu, that I have not really experienced – I tried to be “healthy” last time and went for the grilled Chicken Quesadilla and had food envy when two fellow diners had their sizzling plate of meat arrive.

Then, if you have room after all of those starters, cocktails and mains, there’s a selection of authentic (I think) Mexican desserts from Fried Icecream to Churros.  To be honest, I’ve only had room left at the end to share a plate of Churros but if the other desserts are half as good then that’s a top recommendation!

All in all, this restaurant never leaves me less than bursting, pleasantly tipsy and very satisfied, definitely worth a visit if you’re in Cayman!

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