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Reef Shark – Grand Cayman

4 June 2016

Came across this fellow while diving in the East End.  I believe he must be a blacktip reef shark as that’s what we have in Cayman, and his profile fits the bill, but he doesn’t have an obvious tip!

He was accompanied by several Sharksucker fish (which I’ve learned are different to Remora), as you can see on his underbelly.  He swam with me for a while, but I struggled to keep up, finning frantically after him, while he kept ahead with lazy flicks of his tail – although that’s a pretty large tail fin! A great experience to be close to raw nature.

Reef shark 1ed

    • Thanks, but I must make a confession – it was extracted from a GoPro video (I was travelling light) but I’m very impressed with the stills extracted from the GoPro video! Thanks for stopping by.

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