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Its a hard life, for a Lion…

5 June 2016

They seem to have a great life, these Lions. King of the beasts, they live a life of eat, breed, sleep. It also seems that for a male lion, if he is lucky enough to have a pride, most of the daily hunting can be delegated to his harem of Lionesses. Other than tourists disturbing their slumber, they seem to have very little to worry about, which is reassuring in places like the Serengeti, much better than hearing them hunted for trophies elsewhere. A photo like this is the only trophy I want (or perhaps if he was awake!).

Taken in the Serengeti, as part of the Acacia Africa Ultimate Overlander we were lucky enough to go on in 2011. Hope you like the photo.


IMG_0002 Tanz


  1. A tongue that Blah 👅 permalink

    Never thought about that. Thanks for awakening.😵

  2. A tongue that Blah 👅 permalink

    In case you get a spare time. Please reflect your vibrant thoughts on my blog. Keep awakening the unawaken souls. Much love. 🙂

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