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Reef Shark – Little Cayman

10 July 2016

It’s always amazing to see Sharks in their natural habitat, and sickening to think of the Shark fin trade.  Whilst many people have a fear of seeing sharks, most divers count it as one of their most special encounters.  Since I got a first glimpse of them retreating in the deep in Africa (see Diving Zanzibar – my first sharks!) I have always hoped to bump into some of the “men in grey suits” on each dive in Cayman and have been lucky enough to swim with Nurse Sharks and Reef Sharks.  Sadly no Hammerhead yet! Bull and Tiger sharks, I’m not so sure I’d be thrilled to see, but what a tale to tell afterwards!

This reef shark was in Little Cayman and was accompanied by a large Jack of some sort (based on the shape, but not the colour).

  1. I am enjoying your posts. I love that you have such a respect and appreciation for nature.

    • Great, I am glad that you’re enjoying the post, I’m very lucky to have seen some amazing things but there’s so much still to see!

  2. Shark Fin trade! Is there no limits to the destructive path of man kind!!! I had no idea it was a trade. Sad, very sad.
    What an adventurer you are!

  3. Great to see that you like sharks:)

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