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Olympic distance Triathlon

6 November 2016

So, in around 5 hours I shall get up to do my first Olympic Triathlon in 3 years. 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run. I’m woefully underprepared because life took a turn for the busy (for the best of reasons) requiring me to be abroad for five of the last ten weekends. Aspects of my training have been non-existent and I am still carrying plenty of weight that I had hoped would shift through intensive training. The only reason I haven’t dropped down to the sprint distance is stubbornness and because I have a friend I am “competing” with… Hopefully I won’t be dead last, maybe just second from last…

The Cayman Islands is an amazing place to do triathlon, running across the sand into sea that you would otherwise be snorkeling in, but by 9am (when the slower participants like me start the run) it’s pretty hot conditions for a 10k run.

18 holes of golf, a game of tennis and a barbecue with the Aussie boys tonight, may not have been the best preparation.

Any words or wishes of encouragement appreciated…

Link to the Cayman Triathlon Association website.

Want to know how I got on…? See Cayman Islands Triathlon.

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