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Cayman Icebar

11 June 2015

Cayman has year round temperatures that rarely drop below the mid 20s, apart from the occasional rainstorm.

As such, it’s not really the place you get cold.

So the arrival of a new “ice bar” in Cayman – the Minus5 Ice Experience warranted a visit.  I figured we would have to get in here quick because, with the high cost of electricity and low price of alcohol, it doesn’t seem deemed to last very long.

Particularly so when they advertise that if you turn up at Happy Hour (5-7pm) you can get in for CI$10 and get a free cocktail (usually CI$10 to get in and CI$10 per drink) so it’s great to turn up and have one refreshingly cold drink in Cayman.

I particularly like the way they have themed it a mixture of pirate and scuba diver sculptures and wall freezings, and serving the cocktail in a glass made of ice.

I’m not sure how this would appeal to people visiting for the warm weather from colder climates, piling off cruiseships for a few hours on the beach but it was certainly a fun and novel experience for those of us staying in Cayman, wrapping up warm for a cold drink.  It is sometimes nice, when you visit other countries, to pull on a jumper, so this was good fun, but I won’t be giving them a regular income stream I’m afraid.

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