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17 April 2016

We were in the Ngorogoro Crater, a conservation area and UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Crater Highlands area of Tanzania.  The crater is phenomenal, an inactive, intact and unfilled volcanic caldera.  The wide sides of the crater prevent the migration of wildlife (other than leopards who roam wherever they want), meaning that the crater has herds of wildlife that can be more readily protected than other national parks.  We camped on the rim of the crater overnight (see the blog post “African night time adventures”). After a short rain shower in the morning, this Cheetah approached the game vehicle as bold as brass and began a stretching routine!

Part of the Acacia Africa Ultimate Overlander we were lucky enough to go on in 2011.

IMG_0924 (UngoroIMG_0923 Ungoro





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  1. A dream of mine. To see animals such as the Cheetah in their natural habitats. How amazing that must have been!

  2. What a beautiful animal

    • Great aren’t they, we were very lucky the whole trip and I’ll be posting some more of my favourite photos soon! Thanks for the comment!

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