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The most dangerous safari animal?

24 April 2016

My first encounter with hippos was barely more than spotting what looked like rocks in a lake. I was then fortunate enough to see them on a night safari, when they come out to feed, and surprised to see how nimble they are.

I was finally fortunate enough to see one out in the open during the day in the Serengeti. Our safari vehicle caught it unawares and it decided to give us a quick show of its power. The third picture below is from Chobe National Park, where our boat seemed to do something to disturb this fellow (I’m guessing its a bull from the unnecessary aggression and willingness to challenge a forty foot boat of tourists).  Fortunately he either ran out of steam before getting to us, or realised what we were when we got closer (their eyesight is not reputed to be the best!).

Either way, I can see why they’re often called one of the most dangerous animals in the world!

Both areas visited as part of the Acacia Africa Ultimate Overlander we were lucky enough to go on in 2011.  Hope you enjoy the pics!


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  1. Lucky you! What a unforgettable experience!

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