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Fish ID Friday – Peacock Flounder

1 July 2016

I had no idea what this intriguing flat fish was, half buried in the sand, on my way back from a dive at Turtle Reef Macabuca.  So, I was excited to identify it in my Reef Fish book as the Peacock Flounder (apparently common, but pretty interesting for a boy from Dudley) the Bothus Lunatus, it can apparently change its colour to match the bottom, including darkening or paling its shade.  The more fish I read into for the Fish ID Friday, the more I realise this is a common feature in fish, a feature featured mostly in Sci-fi creations but quite common when I’m on a dive!

I would like to have seen it with the peacock fin projected, but a great spot all the same! Have you spotted anything dwelling in the sand on one of your dives?

IMG_1687 - Macabucaed

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