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A weekend in Little Cayman

2 July 2016

The Cayman Islands are known as a collection of small islands in the British West Indies. They are creatively named Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac (Gaelic for bluff). There is also a little known Owen Island, which makes Little Cayman look grand!

Everything is relative. Many find Grand Cayman to be sleepy and relaxing, but a weekend in Little Cayman reminds you that in comparison it is a bustling metropolis. We took the chance to nip to Little Cayman after work on a Friday recently, returning on the Sunday afternoon.  You could definitely stay for longer, but even in that time, we circumvented the Island and took in a couple of dives.  Little Cayman is renowned for it’s diving, in particular Bloody Bay Wall, but that’s a story for another post.

We stayed at the tranquil Southern Cross Club on the Southern Coast, a cute collection of beach bungalows and more modern style town houses which are a short walk across luscious yellow sand to the central restaurant with a lovely pool, outdoor self service bar and a stunning view of Owen Island.


The view of the resort


The bar/restaurant, pool and Owen Island in the distance

Southern Cross have their own dive shop (again, more on that in a different post, when I process the pictures – I only took the GoPro with me to travel light). They have a collection of bikes available for exploring the island, but we rented a car as Anna’s parents are a little too frail for bikes in the Caribbean sun (or anywhere I’m afraid).

A tour of the Island has to take in point of Sand, with a view of Cayman Brac in the distance.

Little Cayman has it’s own resident Booby’s (not present in Grand Cayman) and Sister Island Iguanas (see Sister Islands Iguana), different to our distinctive Blue Iguanas (see Blue Iguana, GC).  The Iguanas are rare, but will often jump out on unsuspecting traffic, so keep an eye on the verges and make sure you don’t contribute to their demise!

Southern Cross Club also have free access to Paddle Boards and Kayaks if reclining on the beach, reading your book is not enough for you. I had recently failed to master paddle boarding on a recent paddle board pub crawl, but managed to get up and paddle a few hundred yards on the more forgiving boards available at Southern Cross.  We then had a go on the kayaks, and made it out to Owen Island.  Owen Island is a small, deserted island.  It is privately owned by two families but undeveloped and they welcome visitors.

Grand Cayman is a great place to visit, dive and live.  Little Cayman is the next step down, a great place to relax, pristine beaches and wonderful diving.




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  1. The crystal clear waters there are spectacular.

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