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Ironmen and triathlons

23 July 2016

Currently struggling from a bad back, back pain is so annoying, so thought I’d “reblog” an old fitness post to give myself some inspiration, maybe aim to do the Cayman Triathlon this November…

Tubbyman Tales

I am not a big fan of running and find the gym tedious but need to get incentivised so, after realising that training for halfmarathons was tedious I decided to try a triathlon.

The idea was that the cross training would be good for my body, keep me interested and the fact that I like swimming and cycling would counter my dislike of/inability at running.

A good plan, but one that ultimately led to me doing a halfironman which raised over £3000 for charity.

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  1. I admire your endurance and even attempting to do a triathlon. I mean WOW!

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