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Wickannanish Inn – Vancouver Island

7 August 2016

Living in the Cayman Islands, we had to chose something a little different for our honeymoon. Regular readers may have spotted that I like wildlife, and so a perfect place to start was Vancouver Island – great wildlife opportunities (like Browning Charters), good restaurants, stunning scenery and luxury hotels.

After a night in Vancouver to recover from jet lag and make the connection (a stunning city by the sea, with wide open boulevards, a great ocean walk and sea planes galore to watch in awe), we caught a little plane to the island. In hindsight, we would probably have preferred to rent a car and drive out to the island, catching the short ferry and enjoying the scenery, but with the start of the honeymoon the plane seemed the easiest option, and it was the first scenic flight of many on this trip.


We stayed at Wickanninish Inn (I have to look up the spelling each time), a boutique hotel with a fine dining restaurant (the Pointe) with a panoramic view of the sound, where you can see whales migrating in the right season.

Most of the rooms have a view of the beach from large windows. In mid-August the beach was wind-swept and rugged, but leading to a refreshing walk out to the little island. We had a little suite with a log fire, large comfortable bath, sumptuous bed and side room to relax while reading.

The Pointe is a fabulous restaurant for evening dining, and the café offered top class fare for lunchtime dining, including a delicious risotto and salted caramel tart. The whole hotel was beautifully ornamental, with top class sculptures, a beautiful sailing ship replica and a bronze telescope overlooking the bay.

There is a spa attached to the hotel, with massages and treatments to compliment the relaxing honeymoon, although it was a little chilly sun-bathing outside, the heated water bowls for our feet were a nice touch.

We rented a car from the airport and there are plenty of walks to explore including scenic walks through the woods, but watch out for mountain lions, bears and wolves!  There is also nearby Tofino for dining or booking wildlife, whale or bear excursions. We booked a trip to the nearby hot-springs and my wife surprised me by fulfilling a lifelong dream – booking us a return journey aboard a seaplane, something I have always wanted to do!




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