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Fish ID Friday – the Great Barracuda

12 August 2016

Sphyraena barracuda, or the Great Barracuda, are regularly seen on dives in Cayman. They are a scavenger fish, and like to hang in the shadows of the dive boat or are thought to mistake divers for large predators.  They are a ray-finned fish with an elongated jaw full of razor sharp teeth. As such, they can look very inquisitive, and are attracted by items that reflect the sunlight, mistaking them for potential prey. I have seen a barracuda dart in to rip apart a bait fish before my nose, faster than I could see. They can be eaten, but I have heard that they may carry a disease that is harmful to humans, and the way to test whether they should be eaten is to leave them near some ants.  If the ants don’t touch it, neither should you. I think I’ll stick to eating land animals…


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