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Skidoo fun in Canada

27 August 2016

James Bond always seems to ride the coolest of vehicles, and I have finally managed to complete my James Bond bingo card of vehicles (well, I guess driving an Aston Martin is still outstanding…).  I’ve tried quadbikes (Morocco, Egypt, Namibia), jetskis (Egypt, Cayman), speed boats (Nevada, Cayman), dive propulsion vehicles (Thailand and Cayman) and now, finally, a skidoo!

Skidoos have always seemed cool (pardon the pun), and I got close the first time I went to Cayman, but ended up just getting pulled behind one on a sledge.  Finally, this year, my dreams came true with a trip to the Tyroparc near Mont Tremblant an hour or so from Montreal and Quebec City.

We had a couple days skiing in Mont Tremblant (a lovely faux Alpine village with enough ski runs to keep you entertained for a long weekend but perhaps not a whole week), staying at L’Ermitage du Lac Tremblant (LINK), a relaxing luxurious ski hotel overlooked a snow covered lake. The skidoo was a final day surprise organised by my ever considerate wife.

The trip we went on was a couple of hours, guided safari exploring old railway tracks. Riding a skidoo takes some getting used to, it is like riding a quad-bike in a perpetual skid, but we were quickly zipping along through the woods, past frozen lakes and rivers. Anna even had a go, the heated handlebars making her want to drive a little longer than I would have liked!

I would have liked to do a little more adventurous “off-roading” but the tracks were straight and secure enough to allow us to get up a good speed without worrying.

I guess there are still a few things on my “James Bond list”, I really want to have a go in a dune buggy and, whilst the Cayman submarine is an experience, I haven’t yet been in a one man sub!

Any recommendations for where I can do this, let me know!



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