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Partners – review

28 August 2016

Partners is a John Grisham short story, part of the new Kindles “shorts” series, novellas written specifically for the Kindle platform, which I found an interesting enough proposition to try out. It tells the story of how Sebastian Rudd met his paralegal/partner cum bodyguard (T-Ray Cardell, a decent family guy that falls on hard times and gets involved in a police shooting) that Grisham uses in Rogue Lawyer (for my review of that see LINK).  At 54 pages and 99p it is priced perhaps a little more expensive than pro rata to a novel and could simply be another short story featured in the Rogue Lawyer novel.

It is pacy, with short chapters and continues the anti-authority theme of Rogue Lawyer, although Rudd seems to rescue the day more by luck than skill and wit.

Partners was a very easy read which I burned through in just one session, but it wasn’t as fulfilling as it could have been.

Characters : 5 / 10

Plot: 6 / 10

Action: 6 / 10

Gripping: 6 / 10

General: 5 / 10

Overall: 56%


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