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95 Lionfish culled

30 October 2016

Divetech in Cayman have started doing a monthly two tank Lionfish cull.  They are based at Lighthouse point, a great dive site with a mini-wall and a deep-wall but the Lionfish culls normally go North.  Unlike the other dive companies, they offer a Sunday afternoon dive, which is nice because you get a lie in.  See my post The Lionfish Menace to see why we cull the Lionfish.

We’ve had some Westerly winds recently and so the waves were pounding their usual dock, so we launched from the North Sound and took a long boat ride to the North Wall.  The first dive, approximately Spanish Bay Reef, was very successful.  We stayed shallow and I was on fire, hitting 10 from 11 fish spotted.  I even spotted two turtles and had time to film one up close. In total we caught 58 on that site.

The second site was closer to the channel entrance to the North Sound, Bear’s Paw I think.  It was scenic, plenty of schools of fish and some of the biggest Spotted Porcupinefish I have seen, but barely any Lionfish (good for the reef I guess).  I did spot two, but they were very skittish and hid away in the reef before I could get close.  I finally managed to get one just short of our safety stop.  In total, we removed 95 fish from the reef.

  1. Mike Fritz permalink

    Great story and video. Looks like a place I’ve got to visit for some lovely diving.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Mike, the diving in Cayman is amazing all year round and I am very lucky to currently have it on my doorstep.

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