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Turtle – North Wall (Grand Cayman)

Came across this Hawksbill turtle while culling on Sunday, he was relaxing while a friend took a Lionfish nearby, and then decided to move on when I showed some interest in filming him. Read more…


95 Lionfish culled

Divetech in Cayman have started doing a monthly two tank Lionfish cull.  They are based at Lighthouse point, a great dive site with a mini-wall and a deep-wall but the Lionfish culls normally go North.  Unlike the other dive companies, they offer a Sunday afternoon dive, which is nice because you get a lie in.  See my post The Lionfish Menace to see why we cull the Lionfish. Read more…

Red Panda – Chengdu, Sichuan

We went to see the great pandas at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, as part of our travelling through China.  Read more…

The Whale Road – Book Review

I am a fan of historical fiction, having enjoyed various historical settings by Bernard Cornwell, C.S. Forester,  and more recently Conn Iggulden. I also always had a fondness for the 1978 movie the Norseman as a child. However, Cornwell and Iggulden weren’t putting out books at the rate I was reading them, so when I saw The Whale Road, by Robert Low, a Viking tale, I dipped a cautious toe into the series featuring the “Oathsworn”, a band of roving Viking warriors. Read more…

To keep running

Having committed recently to a triathlon and having my training disrupted by some travel brought about by some unexpected personal travel, I was reminded of my own stubbornness and signed up for a half marathon as well. Reminded me of some “pearls of wisdom” I’d previously had…

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My Top Dive Sites in Grand Cayman

Some of my favourite dive sites in Grand Cayman

Tubbyman Tales

Diving in Cayman is great, with visibility usually stretching to at least sixty feet, the water temperature rarely needing a wetsuit (although I have more natural insulation than some) and the dive sites rarely being too busy.  Dive sites in the East are generally quieter (it’s hard to justify a fifty minute drive when you can just go five minutes down the road) but for shore diving, the West is better serviced.

The following is a general overview of some of my favourite sites (not THE top sites, just some of the top ones in my opinion) in Grand Cayman, where I will personally invariably try to take visitors and would suggest that anyone could come away happy from a trip having ticked these boxes: 

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Writing about diving

I love diving, and am always keen to encourage people to give it a go – friends, family, visitors.  I enjoy writing about diving on this site but have recently started branching out a bit, and written a few articles for a blog called Scuba Diver Life.

My first was about one of my favourite dive sites (and curry houses) in Grand Cayman, check it out here, my post on Scuba Diver Life about Sunset House.